Weekend Doodle: Fowl Weather in Chinatown

A wonderful thing about living in Little Italy is our neighbor, Chinatown. The women of Chinatown 
have such a cool aesthetic, it's accidentally cool. I personally can't tell if it's intentional or not, but I love to see them sitting in the park with colorful hats and mis-matched patterns. 


The Blanket Scarf № 2

I love this vintage mohair scarf combined with a mohair sweater seen on Claire Plumb, she also makes wonderful music here.

The Blanket Scarf

Speaking as someone who wears a lap blanket while working at my desk (I know...I'm a granny!)
I can't believe I've never taken it with me outside. I think it's a lovely solution to San Francisco's fickle weather.


Weekend Doodle: Little Biggie

This week I was inspired by statement jewelry; layered bracelets, multiple gold chains, large rings, and gold teeth. I love the look of the "peek-a-boo" stack of bracelets under a collared shirt, or neck chains in excess. There is a thin line between costume and classy, but I love that this city knows how to cross that line... and then go a little further.