The New Sweat № 2

A crewneck sweatshirt over a collared shirt is smart look without being too prep.

The New Sweat

I love the silhouette
 of these Alternative Apparel pants, they're a sexy and comfortable
alternative to a standard sweat pant or
 yoga pant.


Wax Dipped

The wax sleeves really caught my eye here. The Jacket is by Alternative Apparel,
a new store just opened up in Hayes Valley and is definitely worth checking out.


Lil' Stompy

Fantastic kid style, both the outfit and the way he stomps in puddles on a rainy day.


At Market Street

I love the mix of hard and soft in this outfit, the over sized scarf is also fantastic.


Weekend Doodle: Two

This week I was inspired by pairs, couples that had similar style. It's an old-fashioned trend (imagine grandparents in matching Hawaiian shirt and moo moo) but there is definitely an impact in seeing style times two. I regret not taking The Brown Twin's portrait before Vivian passed, they were San Francisco icons. Rest in peace Vivian, you were one of a kind.


At Giorgio Armani

I took this photo on New Years day. I'm not sure if these two had a wild night out or
if they are always sporting this look, but for whatever the reason, I dig it.


At Stockton + Filbert

I loved the style of this family, especially the woman in the fur vest and the great
legs in the background.


Weekend Doodle: The Chanels

This week I was inspired by Chanel (obviously!). There is just something about that bottle and that logo
that make me feel romantic. Chanel is timeless, the epitome of elegance and femininity.



Men in Pearls № 2

A single pearl earring; subtle class.

Men in Pearls

I love the idea of men in pearls, and the Chanel pearl brooch and pearl bracelet shown here are



Sasquatch lives

Jeremy's Kit:
Shredders Sasquatch sweater 
Danner boots
Vintage rabbit fur cap 
Curious Provisions "Thumper" boom box