I Heart Gorman!

So...I'm admittedly a little embarrassed to post myself on here, but I feel that I have to pay my respects to my favorite designer find in Australia, Gorman clothing. The prints are incredible, the price point is great, and everything in the store has character. I wish I could've come home with a suitcase full of treasures from Gorman (thank the heavens for online shopping y'all!)And in the spirit of the start of World Cup celebrations, I paired this Victory Jacket & Skirt with some sporty Nike Air Max (also scored in Sydney).Photo credit to my dear friend, Marie-Clare.      


Weekend Doodle: The Australian Coogi Hunter

I've always had a special place in my heart for the classic Bill Cosby sweater, the Coogi. Bill wanted his Cliff Huxtable character to be comfortable and chill, and a sweater is the epitome of comfort. Biggie later brought the sweater back in the 90's, making it huge within the hip-hop community. Right before my trip to Australia, we learned that Coogi originated in Australia...so (of course) we spent a good deal of our time hunting for the coolest vintage Coogi. This is my rendition of an aboriginal Australian on the hunt.